Planning & development

Role to assist in adding value from existing land holdings and buildings.  Identification and notification of allocation for specific uses of land and buildings.  Expertise in securing planning consent through the application and appeal process.  Ability to work in project team to review development options to achieve market solutions and maximise returns.

Property acquisition and disposal

Nationwide expertise in the acquisition and disposal of buildings and land for the NHS and other public/private organisations.  Maximisation of receipts through correct choice of sales route and delivery  of results from OJEU, Auctions and sale by private treaty.

Full understanding of local markets ,ability to prepare complex briefs, analysis of opportunities and carry out  full negotiations whilst respectful for the need to maintain confidentiality. 


Specialist expertise to assist in advising on strategy and highlight opportunities where the greatest savings may be achieved.

Analysis on the accuracy of rates liability, provide advice on rates allocation and help manage your rating appeal and payment processing. The  full extent of our work includes

Historic validation: Auditing the accuracy of rates bills over the past 10 years and re-claim overpayments on your behalf.

Rating appeal management and negotiation: Appealing on your behalf for a reduction in liability and negotiate the appeal to a conclusion.

Payment processing: Taking  full responsibility for transacting the timely and accurate payment of your rates bills to the local authority.

Rate allocation and budgeting: For larger organisations, designing a business rates cost-sharing model and advising on the fair allocation of charges across the profit centres.

Business impact assessment: Reviewing a property portfolio and advising on longer-term strategies to  reduce the overall business rates liability.