Triangle Architects Ltd

Triangle Architects have the experience of health and associated projects to support you in meeting your property needs and in the delivery of innovative and high quality healthcare buildings.

Triangle has first-hand experience of publically and privately funded projects over twenty five years, including PPP and PFI developments. These have included building and estate rationalisation, building refurbishment and extensions, as well as new build developments. Other specialisms involve, community healthcare, people with mental and physical disabilities, ethnic minorities, and vulnerable users. We have projected managed schemes from inception, design, construction, to commissioning; from £0.5m to £35m in value.

We have extensive experience of working with Health Authorities and NHS Trusts, consultants, doctors and other healthcare professionals, local authorities, social enterprises, community groups and stakeholders, and end users; often in a consultative or inter-active design process.

Project experience includes the following specialist areas:-

  • Consulting Rooms, Doctors’ Surgeries and Health Centres
  • Polyclinics, including community health and minor surgical facilities
  • Healthy Living, Community Health and Resource Centres
  • Healthcare PPP and Extra Care PFI projects
  • Day Care Centres, for profoundly mentally and physically disabled adults
  • Residential care homes, Extra Care and dementia care specialist housing
  • Integrated healthcare and regeneration projects
  • Supported accommodation for residents recovering from illness

The Way We Work

Our key skill has been the ability to listen carefully to the needs of our clients, supplemented by thorough research and extensive consultation with users. We assemble a clear and agreed brief for our collective-client group, some who may never have procured a building before.

Almost always, our approach must begin with a systematic analysis of existing services and needs before a design process can start. Using structured meetings and exploratory design workshops we establish design solutions to complex healthcare demands.

In the realisation and delivery of the final designs, we will work with partner consultants and contractors, using sophisticated IT networking and protocols to co-ordinate our work with the input from other specialists. Firstly we establish cost viability and then secure all necessary permissions; followed by the preparation of high quality production information as needed for construction. We deliver all projects to the required quality, on time and within budget.

Stakeholder consultation and health planning

Triangle has extensive experience of consultation with stakeholders, including Estate Managers, PCT administrators and healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, third party enterprises, patient and residents’ groups and members of the community. Different techniques have been used for differing clients and stages of many past projects.

For example on complex projects, we have worked up user requirements with doctors and community practitioners, worked closely with Health Care Planners to capture user requirements, prepared Tenants Requirements and Schedules of Accommodation, and managed Health Trusts’ expectations.

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